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Why Did We Start AEW?


How much would you pay for one Abarth book with the following contents?

  • Large format with over 3000 pages
  • Over 2000 large color photographs, copyright free, that you could print
  • Hundreds of high resolution historical photographs
  • Historical race results for major races since 1955
  • Detailed specifications for no fewer than 100 models
  • Lists of all available literature - books, articles, posters, and brochures
  • Reprints of owner's manuals, parts manuals, and homologation papers
  • Contact information for all known parts sources and lists of available parts
  • Restoration tips and secrets from the best restorers
  • Practical updates for your cars
  • A complete guide to vintage racing and showing your car
  • An authenticity guide to the most popular models
  • A list of all known existing cars by chassis number with owner history
  • A way to contact hundreds of current owners

Right now, how much would you pay? $300? $1,000? $3,000? If you own an Abarth, how much have you paid already...for 1/20 of that information? That's one of the reasons we started AEW. We started AEW because such a book does not exist. And no one is likely to write it, except us. It will almost certainly never be published. But it could be available to you.

You have much of the just don't talk to each other with writers present. There used to be a lot more writers, but many are gone. They will not return. Much of the information they had in their heads is gone, too, shared with just a few. Their enthusiasm and stories are also gone. We miss them. Some of the photos and documents they had have been passed down, but much of it was thrown out by grieving family members who didn't know what to do with it, or who to send it to.

If we cooperate, we'll make friends all over the world. We'll share stories no one would otherwise hear.

With some digging, we'll be able to more accurately reconstruct the story of the wonderful creations of Abarth & C. We'll capture what's left of an amazing automobile story, creating new stories as we go. We'll be able to think of our old friends who can't share our good fortune. And for a time, they will be with us again.

That's really why we started AEW. Help us write the story.



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