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Participating in AEW

Once you know that you qualify to be an AEW member, actually becoming an AEW member is easy. Participating in AEW does require a few things from you.

  1. You must by willing to share your real name and your email address with AEW and its members. Each AEW member has agreed to do this and you must too. Membership information is never shared with non-members.
  2. You must be willing to share Abarth information you have with AEW. This means old photos, current photos, stories, and other documentation. All AEW members have agreed to do this
  3. You must agree to participate in a manner consistent with the Goals and Guidelines of AEW and accept the legal statement as well. This text will be sent to you by a Membership Coordinator.
  4. You must fill out our AEW Interest Worksheet, which tells us what your interests are and a few things about any Abarths or Abarth replicas you own (if any).
  5. You must participate. AEW is not a newsletter. It is a participation group. If you join and do nothing else, eventually, you will be dropped from the membership. If you are silent for a long period of time, we will send you a note to see why you are not participating. There is much to accomplish. We need everyone's help.

    That is all. We hope you join us and enjoy Abarth Enthusiasts Worldwide. It is a great group and we know you will have fun participating.



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