Abarth Enthusiasts Worldwide

What Can You Expect If You Join AEW?


What can you expect if you join Abarth Enthusiasts Worldwide?

  • Almost every large Abarth collector and enthusiast is an AEW member
  • Almost every Abarth parts supplier is a member
  • Abarth enthusiasts who are judges at prestigious events like the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance are members
  • Abarth enthusiasts who are editors of racing magazines are members
  • Abarth enthusiasts who head large vintage racing organizations are members
  • The most knowledgeable Abarth enthusiasts in the world are members
  • AEW membership spans 5 continents and over 20 countries
  • The guidelines and website structure protect your privacy
  • There are guidelines for courteous behavior that keep the interactions friendly
  • You will meet a lot of great people around the world
  • There are no annual dues
  • There is no fee for joining
  • You will find out how to improve your Abarth in ways you might not have thought of
  • If you own an Abarth, it’s value will probably go up since this group exists
  • You will see hundreds or thousands of photos of Abarths you would otherwise never see
  • You will find out things about Abarth cars and your Abarth that you probably will never know if you don’t join
  • You will probably improve your computer and your photography skills

Other than the above, it’s a waste of time…



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