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AEW Goals and Guidelines


Goals and Guidelines for AEW Members

AEW is an information sharing group for Abarth Enthusiasts. It is not meant to be a rigid “car club” with lots of rules. There are, however, several guidelines you need to observe while an AEW member. You should keep these in mind at all times when participating. Many AEW members offer parts, services, and even cars for sale. AEW will support these activities, while observing the protocol below.

AEW Goals

These are the reasons that AEW was conceived. Do your best to mold your participation around these goals. They are what we hope to achieve or strive for with AEW.

1) Increase communication among owners and enthusiasts by sharing knowledge

2) Improve the "status of the marques" by helping present better and more faithfully restored cars

3) Gather and share historic and technical information, manuals, videos, and photos about the cars

4) Assemble a true picture of how many cars were built and find all remaining cars

5) Energize current owners and get them moving and participating by decreasing their feeling of isolation

6) Help get more cars running again by helping locate parts and services

7) Help bring back unhappy Abarth owners and enthusiasts as participants again

AEW Guidelines – Very Important That You Read and Observe

These are the “do’s and don’ts” of AEW participation. Pay careful attention to them.

  • Have fun, be positive, be helpful, and be honest - AEW is a worldwide group
  • Be courteous when you send email (send to the most appropriate list only)
  • Be aware of copyrighted photos and documents before you send them and obtain permission
  • Do not sell, or repackage and sell, any AEW shared information or photographs
  • Avoid brokering* activity (cars or parts), it is bothersome to many

* This means you may not contact AEW members without their permission asking them if you can: 1) buy or sell their cars or parts or 2) Arrange the sale of a car or parts in exchange for a commission.

As long as you faithfully observe these Guidelines and embrace the Goals, AEW should provide you with a great deal of enjoyment. Any failure to comply with the above will likely result in your removal from AEW membership….and you’ll miss a lot of cool stuff!!



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