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The COPPA MILLE Abarth Racing Series

Since 1987, the Abarth IG Deutschland has organized a series of competition events for the smaller Abarth cars. This includes the 500, 126, 600,850 as well as the Autobianchi A112. Competitors in the Coppa Mille come from many countries including Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy and even the USA.

During his lifetime, as most of us enthusiasts know, Carlo Abarth designed and constructed more than 200 different Abarth models...spanning a 20 year period. With extraordinary foresight he was able to make ordinary family cars into class winning champions. In this way, cars with very small engine displacements became a success on the track. Some of the original race cars have been restored, probably better than they were when new, and many stand in museums all around the world. However, in the Coppa Mille, the cars that Carlo Abarth designed are used in real competitive style, as probably Carlo Abarth would have envisioned and applauded.

The Coppa Mille does not have the stringent regulations, often found in other motorsports series. This makes it possible to organize affordable motorsports competition. Competitors are free to use innovation, from almost stock to highly developed cars, to make up a starting grid, always making a good show for the competitors and the spectators alike. With a race schedule of 6 to 8 races during the season, there is a good opportunity for cars in all four classes to acquire enough points to win the Championship. Races take place on internationally recognized race tracks such as Assen, Croix en Ternois, Zolder, Zandvoort, Hockenheim, Oschersleben, Spa and Nurburgring, many times as supporting events for the Ferrari-Challenge, German Touring Car Championship, and other historic competitions. Many times you will find Abarths pitted against Ferrari or Mercedes race cars. Although the Coppa Mille competitors are for the most part amateurs, the races are by no means a cake walk.

Quite the opposite, as even the smallest displacement Abarths put on a great show for the spectators. Because they are so small, and grandpa can remember learning to drive in one, it makes them a growing favorite with the spectators.

The competition is usually fierce for finishing positions in each division within the Coppa Mille. Even so, as in most historic competition, there is a real respect for the other driver and his machinery.

While there may be good natured competition on the track, there is even better natured camaraderie amongst the Coppa Mille family in the pits. There is always someone to lend a helping hand, or a part to make sure that a competitor makes the race. The evenings are especially great times, with lots of bench racing, eating and an occasional beer...sometimes lasting well into the early hours of the morning. Come morning though, the bench racing stops when the green flag drops. The Coppa Mille family always welcomes new competitors, and anyone interested in the Abarth make, to their ranks. You can drive your own little "scorpion" in the competitive spirit of Carlo Abarth, or just come and cheer on the competitors.

The four divisions within the Coppa Mille are as follows:

Division 1 - Smaller Abarths & Steyr Puchs up to 800cc

Division 2 - Rear Engine Abarths to 1050cc with one carburetor 

Division 3 - Autobianchi A112 to 1050 with one carburetor

Division 4 - Rear Engine Abarth and Autobianchi A112 to 1050cc with two carburetors



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