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Many sports car enthusiasts associate the Abarth name with replacement sport exhaust systems for European cars of the period. The familiar black crackle finish mufflers with distinctive scorpion shield beckoned almost all enthusiasts, as it hinted of a few more horsepower and a distinctive raspy sound. Abarth was more than just a muffler company, much more.

Abarth and C. also built sports and competition automobiles as an independent firm from 1949 to 1971, when it was acquired by FIAT. During that time, Abarth developed over 220 different models and won 7 automobile racing manufacturer's World Championships.

Abarth Model 205 - Chassis Number 101 Shown at Pebble Beach, California

Most Abarth cars were built on FIAT chassis, but many other models were constructed on Simca and Porsche chassis. Complete production unibody bodies were removed from their chassis and sent to coachbuilders like Zagato, Allemano, and Bertone for new bodies. The results were some of the most beautiful cars ever built.

Fiat Abarth 750 GT at Pebble Beach - Hundreds of These Were Constructed (1956 to 1960)

In addition, Abarth and C. tuned standard production bodied cars and sold tuning parts, so an owner could modify his own car to Abarth standards.

This is a 1969 1000 TC, built on a FIAT 600 chassis. The raised decklid actually increased the top speed of the car.

Today, many Abarth enthusiasts take advantage of the wide array of remade factory "look-alike" parts to construct replicas of this famous Abarth model. There are even races in Europe in 2005 which feature factory Abarth cars and replica cars. As many as 70 cars have shown up to race at these events!! See an article on the "Coppa Mille" in the Top Menu under NEWS. You can find out much more about Abarth and C. by looking for Abarth literature.

ABARTH, the man, the machines is currently in print and is a very comprehensive book on Abarth

You will find a partial list in "Books About Abarth" in the Guest Articles section. Much of it is out of print, but can be found through a variety of second hand book sources. This item is typical of the level of detail found in the Members section of this website.



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