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AEW Interest Groups and Activities


AEW Interest Groups and Activities

Below are AEW Interest Groups and the activities you may find in them. AEW is a sharing group. If you share information that you have with other AEW members, these groups should provide you with an even larger wealth of information in return. The larger AEW grows, the more we'll get out of it. Encourage every Abarth enthusiast you know to be an AEW member and active participant.


Abarth Interest Groups (by model)

This is a group for general discussions of these cars by model in the groups below. Owner's experiences, articles on the cars, road tests, available literature, current photos by model.

  • 500 Based Abarth Sedans and Replica Sedans
  • 600 Based Abarth Sedans and Replica Sedans
  • 850 Based Abarth All and Replica 850 All
  • 600 Based 750 GT Coachbuilt Abarths
  • 600 Based 700 to 1000 Coachbuilt Abarths
  • Simca Based Abarths
  • Abarth Sports Racers
  • All other Abarths


Authenticity (by model)

Abarths were made in very small numbers many years ago. Factory information can be difficult to come by. It does exist however in pockets around the world. Books, magazine articles, period photos, Centro Storico, original owner documentation, are all sources. This group just wants to know what was original.

  • Compile lists of Books, magazine articles, period photos
  • Ask specific questions about what's suppose to be correct on your car
  • View answers in text and photos from members
  • Have your car reviewed by expert AEW members



  • List your Abarth for Sale or look for one
  • Send an inquiry to members looking for specific parts for your car(s)
  • View Abarths parts dealer's general parts inventories
  • View pictures of parts you may not have seen before
  • List parts you have to trade or sell


Vintage Racing

There are several ways to participate in the vintage racing experience. Besides driving, AEW members may have fun volunteering as "Pit Crew" members for other racers. Here's the group were you find out the when, where, how, and what happened of vintage racing Abarths.

  • Post vintage racing events
  • Discuss rules and preparation requirements
  • Discuss health requirements for drivers
  • Post event results where Abarths are entered
  • Share photos from events
  • Write stories about participating


Concours d'Elegance (Concours)

AEW has members who have shown their cars at major Concours. We also have current judges for some major Concours d'Elegance events. This group could help you decide whether Concours is for you and if so, what does it take to participate in this challenging activity.

  • See rules for participation in various Concours events
  • Discuss members Concours experiences
  • Prepare your car for Concours
  • View photos of Concours Abarths and some Concours preparation stories


Racing History

This will be an exciting and labor intensive activity for many AEW members. Members will look through period racing photos, magazine articles, and books to compile Abarth racing history. They will then try to associate specific cars to history.

  • View period race results
  • Dig for information (detective work)
  • Try to associate your car with specific races
  • View historical photos for clues to history


Owner's Database

This interest group is concerned with where there cars fit in the overall production of Abarth cars. It is meant for cars which were built by Abarth and C. If any doubt about this exists, owners should attempt verification through AEW authentication resources

  • List your Abarth(s) by chassis number
  • Follow "how many and when" information numbers as they develop
  • Provide some detailed info about your car's configuration
  • Provide and look for previous owners



Photo Trader

This group really likes seeing current and older photos of Abarths. Participants should prepare for participation by scanning old photos (to an AEW specification) and sharing them with others.

  • Prepare your new digital photos for web sharing
  • Learn to scan your prints, slides, and negatives, or send them to AEW members who will
  • Scan and prepare older prints, slides, and negatives for sharing
  • Trade or share photos of your cars with other AEW members




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