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How do you know if you qualify to be an AEW member?

  • Do you currently own one or more Abarth or Abarth replica automobiles built between 1949 and 1983?
  • Are you a former Abarth owner who can you supply specific information about your Abarth, such as the chassis & engine ID, photos, etc?
  • Are you an Abarth enthusiast who knows a current AEW member?

If the answers to ANY of the three of these questions are YES, you have a good chance of becoming an AEW member!

For more information...

...if you live in the USA, contact Georganne at:
...if you do not live in the USA, contact Vincent at:



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From this list, which one Abarth would you own?
1000 TCR
1000 SP Barchetta
1000 GT
750 Record Monza Bialbero
750 GT Corsa
Abarth Simca 1300 GT
Fiat Abarth OT 1300 Periscopio

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